Ahead Black On Brass Snare Drum

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The Black On Brass series snare drums from Ahead showcases a number of features that really makes this snare stand out from the rest.The shell is made from a thin, unbeaded brass shell finished in black chrome for a striking and polished finished. 10 chrome tube style lugs surround the shell and TighScrew tension rods featuring nylon inserts are added to prevent detuning.The hoops are the famous S Hoops, which are triple flanged and 2.3mm thick. Each hoops is folded at a slight angle to give the
bend some width, which allows you to achieve easy cross stick sounds and amazing rimshots.The 24 strand Fat Cat snare wires feature a central band of 12 and two bands of six wires on each side. The middle 12 can be independently tightened or loosened from the other wires, which allow making very subtle shifts in tone and response.The drum is topped of with the classic piston type Dunnett throw off for smooth response and action.This snare drum has a big, fat and meaty sound yet can also be adjusted for extreme sensitivity. Its the best of both worlds!


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