VBX Ltd. Edition 2010

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VBX Ltd. Edition 2010
Pearl is introducing a new Limited Edition VBX drumset exclusively for Europe. The set comes with a 22x18 undrilled Bassdrum, 10x8” and 12x8” Toms, 14x12” and 16x14” Floor toms and the Sensitone Steel Snare drum. All will be complemented with our new 900-Series Hardware Pack.

a22" x 18" Bass Drum (VBX2218BX)
b10" x 7" Tom (VBX1007T)
c12" x 8" Tom (VBX1208T)
d14" x 12" Floor Tom (VBX1412F)
e16" x 14" Floor Tom (VBX1614F)
f14" x 5,5" SensiTone Elite Snare Drum (STH1455S)


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