VBX Ltd. Edition 2010

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VBX Ltd. Edition 2010

Pearl is introducing Limited Edition Forum drum sets exclusively  
for Europe.

The Limited Edition Forum sets have special ultra cool Finishes,  
Orange Sparkle and Champagne Sparkle.

The sets come in different standard configurations that Pearl offers  
in the Forum range.  All will be complemented with our new 790-Series  
Hardware Pack. The Orange Sparkle Forum kits will come with black  
drum hardware, the Champagne Sparkle will be equipped with the Chrome  
drum hardware.

Forum is the all-in-one Concept that gets you started in style and  
ready to rock right out of the box, and is the ideal choice for the  
beginning drummer. Features include I.S.S. tom mounts, low-mass lugs,  
improved cymbals, and a choice of black drum hardware.
Forum comes with rugged double-braced hardware, heavy duty throne and  
a pair of drumsticks. There’s no better way to start your drumming  
career than with Pearl Forum!

a22"x18" Bass Drum (FZ2218B)
b10"x08" Tom (FZ1008T)
c12"x09" Tom (FZ1209T)
d14"x14" Floor Tom (FZ1414F)
e14"x5,5" Snare Drum (FZ1455S)
f14" Hi-Hats (pr.)
g16" Crash Cymbal
h20" Ride Cymbal


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