Tama PL42GXZS Starclassic Drum Set

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Tama PL42GXZS Tama PL42GXZS Starclassic Performer BB A Premium Quality Union The PL42GXZS 4 piece shell pack includes 20x22 Bass Drum, 9x12 Tom, 12x14 & 14x16 Floor Toms, MTH900AS Tom Adapter, and MC61 Fast Clamp. The distinct and traditional sound of birch has made it the choice of many pro drummers for last thirty years. But TAMA believes its time to take birch in an entirely different direction. By using bubinga wood for the inner layers of a birch shell, this mixture of birch and bubinga has
created a new sound with a sweeter and deeper tone which exhibits the focused attack of birch paired with the enhanced lows of bubinga. Tama PL42GXZS Features ShellsBubinga Birch TTFT4ply Birch 3 inner plies Bubinga, 6mm BD5ply Birch 3 inner plies Bubinga, 8mm By using bubinga wood for the inner layer of the birch shell, TAMA has created a new chapter in the Starclassic series. Hybrid tone, which exhibits the focused attack of birch paired with the enhanced lows of bubinga. Star Cast Mounting SystemUS.PAT.NO.5454288 Starclassic Performer BB The Star Cast Mounting System has always provided maximum resonance and stability for TAMAs pro drums. A streamlined design makes it easier to position toms closer together for greater ease and comfort than ever before. In addition, a switch to aluminum provides lighter weight and even truer tonal vibration. Last but not least, Star Cast is now plated to match your drums shell hardware! Sliding Tom Holder Starclassic Performers tom holder expands setting flexibility with a sliding connector unit that moves back and forth up to 50mm 2 inches. Simply unloosening one bolt allows you to adjust the proximity of the tom toms. Now any sized drum can be exactly positioned with ease! Die Cast Hoops Hoops not only affect drum tuning; they also affect drum sound. Thats why the choice of hoops was so important to the designers of TAMAs professional drum lines. For our Starclassic Series, we choose zinc die cast hoops, which are manufactured by injecting molten metal into molds. Die cast hoops have more density and are more consistent in shape than triple flanged hoops, which are manufactured by bending metal plates. Die cast hoops make tuning more consistent and easier to achieve because the tension bolts always contact the hoop properly. Drums fitted with die cast hoops also offer crisper attack, clear and resonant highs and much more powerful rim shots. Claw HooksStarclassic Performer BB Starclassic Performer BBs claw hooks feature rubber spacers that help protect wood hoops from damage. The hooks and hoops work as one unit and wont separate or rattle, even on loose tunings. Bass Drum Spur BracketStarclassic Performer BB TAMAs MSB30 die cast bracket holds the spur bracket securely, thanks to the same powerful hinge mechanism used on the MTB30 mounting bracket. Unique memory markers found on the folding spur bracket help simplify set up. Air Cushioned Floor Tom Le


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