Tama B42BNS Drum Set

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Tama B42BNS Tama B42BNS Tama Starclassic Bubinga 4 pc Shell Kit with 22 bass and 16 Floor Tom Tamas newest Starclassic line combines the awesome power of Bubinga with Starclassic single lugs. Shell consists of 8 ply Bubinga with Canadian Maple outer ply. Drum sizes are 18x22 bass, 8x10 tom, 9x12 tom and 14x16 Floor tom. New streamlined, lightweight Star Cast mounts match the shell hardware and allow easier and closer tom placement. Stimulating any DRUMMERS CREATIVITY Starclassic Bubinga ELITE has
created a completely new standard of sonic and visual excellence. Exquisitely grained outer plies are carefully hand selected for their extraordinary beauty and to ensure astonishing drum to drum consistency. Where different sections of woods or covering are joined, you can touch where each piece meets and experience the feeling of seamlessness found in no other drum. There are ten new and very different handcraft intensive finishes in Bubinga ELITE including two of rare cordia, one of beatifully grained quilted bubinga, two new lacquer finishes, and three multi sparkle covered finishes. Tama B42BNS Features ShellsStarclassic Bubinga ELITE 8ply bubinga 1 outer ply maple or Cordia or Quilted Bubinga shell TTFT7mm BD8mm Shell finishesNCD or NGC Shell finishesQMOB African bubinga wood is approximately 53 harder than maple and birch. Acoustically speaking, bubinga provides very sharp and aggressive attack combined with unbelievably rich and fat lows. Our bubinga shells are slightly thicker than our maple drums which we have determined allows the drums to speak their fullest Minimum Shell Contact Starclassic Bubinga ELITEBubinga Our designers never stop looking for new ways to increase drum resonance. Nothing is too small to consider because many minutes improvements can add up to a signifcant difference in sound. Two good examples of this kind of exacting research are the replacement of the traditional metal badge with the new imprinted insignia and the small metal soundhole with one made of maple. Shell Depths Staclassic Bubinga ELITEBubinga To achieve the sound and response you are looking for, Starclassic Bubinga offer a choice of six different depths ranging from the shallow Hyper Drive to the cavernous X tra Deep. Also, the 20x22 Ultra Deep bass drum size. This size provides thunderous low end combined with maximum resonance. Hyper Drive sizes 6x8, 6.5x10, 7x12, 7.5x13, 8x14 Star Cast Mounting SystemUS.PAT.NO.5454288 Starclassic Bubinga ELITEBubinga The Star Cast Mounting System has always provided maximum resonance and stability for TAMAs pro drums. A streamlined design makes it easier to position toms closer together for greater ease and comfort than ever before. In addition, a switch to aluminum provides lighter weight and even truer tonal vibration. Last but not least, Star Cast is now plated to match your drums shell hardware! Die Cast Hoops Hoops not only affect drum


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