Pacific LXE Drum Set

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 Pacific LXE Drum Set

Pacific LXE Drum Kit Drum Workshop is famous for jaw dropping exotic finishes. Take the Pacific LX Exotic Series, for example. Flawless lacquer paint jobs over the finest exotic veneers nature has to offer. Combine that with serious pro features like all maple shells, STM mounting system, True Pitch tuning rods, REMO U.S.A. heads and so much more. Its a world class drumset that sounds as good as it looks. Pacific LXE Features All maple Shells True Pitch© Tuning F.A.S.T. Tom Sizes STM© Pro
Tom Mounts Lacquer Exotic Finish Choices 10 lug bass drum and snare Matching Bass Drum Hoops Bass Drum Pillow DW heads by REMO U.S.A. 9.155 Hardware Pack Standard 5 piece kit configuration includes 18x22 bass drum 18x20 bass drum available as an option in any LXE finsh, 8x10, 9x12, 12x14 toms and 5x14 snare drum Available add on drums include 7x8 and 14x16 toms. 9.155 Hardware Pack Includes HH900 Hi Hat, CB900 Boom Stand, CS900 Straight Stand, SS900 Snare Stand and SP500 Single Pedal Hardware packages may vary in territories outside the United States.


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