The Orion

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The Orion

The Orion is to Mapex what the Maple Custom is to Yamaha, the flagship to the Mapex fleet. Somewhat unusually Mapex do not sell the Orion as a preconfigured kit, choosing only sell by component, this ensures maximum versatility to the drummer in choosing the composition of their kit. Presentation is a key feature of this kit. The 7-ply maple shells are finished with an outer ply of hand chosen burl maple, unique in the Mapex range. The bass is 7.5mm, and the toms 6.1mm. As expected, the Isolated Tom Mounting System is provided throughout along with spring loaded floor tom legs. All hardware is available in chrome, black or gold. If you require ultimate freedom and the ability to custom design your own kit, the Mapex Orion is a great choice.


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