Mapex Meridian 5 Piece Drum Set Birch

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Mapex Meridian 5 Piece Drum Set Birch

Mapex Meridian Birch 5 Piece Standard Drum Set Standard This birch Mapex 5-Piece Standard Drum Set is appointed with 6-ply, 100% birch shells that deliver an incredible high-end attack, a narrower midrange, and plenty of bottom end punch. Some of the main appointments include the Mapex I.T.S. Mounting System, which has minimal contact for better tone, and tom holders with an extra cymbal arm. This Mapex drum set also features a full set of double-braced stands and a solid kick drum pedal with a Tri-Tonal
Beater.This Mapex Meridian drum set offers you lighter-weight and less bulky appointments. From tom holders, to lugs, to their tom mounting system, Mapex has rethought everything on this drum kit to bring a lighter, easier to set up, and more tour-friendly drum set to the market.The drum shells feature Mapex's I.T.S. Mounting System in a commitment to the theory of less is more. The mount is compact to enhance overall drum response by mounting to the lug casings for less drum shell contact. The Mapex drum mount also enables you to change drumheads while the tom is still mounted to the tom holder. The included tom holders are light with little bulk, offering a sleek look and less of a load. The corner friendly double tom mounts have a middle cymbal arm position (not included) for fewer tripod stands on the floor. The stands feature form-fitting memory locks, designed to fit the bottom contour of the mounting bracket to eliminate slipping for quick and easy setup night after night. Cymbals not included.


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