custom drum set up

Posted on | Wednesday, December 22, 2010 | 1 Comment

No Rules for Drum Sets means you’re free to build your Percussive Playground however you want.  The designer of this drum kit (shown below) has utilized Octabons, Timbales, Rototoms, Windchimes, a Tamborine, and no doubt other percussion instruments into his kit

The flexibility in customization of the modern drum kit is only limited by your imagination, (and your budget of course).


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  1. Anonymous
    March 3, 2011 at 12:35 AM

    Hello. Looking at drums on Google, I saw your post/comment on my unique Ludwig Octa-Transformer Deluxe Outfit in the top photo. At one time I had three Ludwig Octa-Plus Outfits in my personal collction and two Vistalites that I had restored for sale all in my garage at one time. Plus several others in my Vintage Ludwig Drum collection. I named it the Octa-Transformer Deluxe Outfit after I played a trick on my band at rehearsal with them. With the Clip-Lok Tom Mounts they change out very quickly so when we stopped for a cold beer and fresh air break - I went to the restroom and back to the studio and switched shells real quick to see if they noticed. I was sitting behind them reading the latest DRUM! when they came back and played it off... ONLY MY GUITAR PLAYER noticed. He kept looking at me with a skeptical/puzzled sort of look... "WHAT? What are you looking at, f*cker?!" Did... Didn't you have... Hmmm...?? Wasn't the Amber Vistalite (my main kit, duh!) kit mounted before?! (Three songs later he asked...) OH! SO YOU NOTICED, HUH?! YOU'RE QUICK!! hahaha... Just though you might enjoy the history behind the photo some! Take care, my friends!

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